miercuri, 17 noiembrie 2010

the time

As the time goes by,
And so my heart, and so do I,
I m still searching for that place
Which could give me peace and quiet.

Sick of betrayals and carelessness,
I raise my trigger finger to shape the clouds
In hope to recieve a sign,
A sign that shows it s time.

The time to fly
The time to dream
The time to wander the sky
Winning its freedom only you... and I.

Part of you

I am the soul
You are the wind
Make my rewind
You are my goal.

You make me up
Let’s do it now
However how
Don’t care... so what.

Just be to be
Remain beside
My hart’s your site
Can fly, you’re free.

But let me sign...
To have a prouve
I’m still your move
On your heart design.